venerdì 27 marzo 2015

Day 7: Ikebukuro (Aquarium, Animate)

Finally a new post about my Tokyo travel! I'll do my best to share the other travel posts soon ;u; it took me so long to edit the pics ahah! We went to Ikebukuro, we wanted to visit the Aquarium and then the shops in the area.

Coat Heavens and earth -  Top  Visalia - Skirt Evris - Clutch Wego - Necklace Nadia el flores corazon - Shoes Cute to the core

I really liked the outfit I wore, it's simple but really cute and a bit more elegant than what I usually wear, it was also really comfy for a long day out ahah! Everything I wore that day (except the shoes) was brand new shopping I did in Tokyo :P.

I made an hilarious amount of pics in the Aquarium, I just shared five of them and if you want to see more you can watch my video about it HERE! Then it was lunch time and we decided to eat inside the super big mall Sunshine City in a chinese restaurant, my plate was delicious and really cheap!

After lunch we checked different stores inside the mall and outside, Ikebukuro is full of cosplay and anime related shops so if you're searching for this kind of shops it's the perfect place for you!

Awwww I found so many things about Fate Stay Night ** this shops was super big and it has many floors, one for cosplay dresses, one for wigs, one for accessories and also makeup items! It had all the items of popular animes like Love Live and Madoka Magica.

We also found a BIG book shop that sells also model photobooks and magazines, I bought so many things there ahahah! And of course we took a purikura before went back to our hotel. We had a dinner in a super cheap restaurant, you can believe me this whole menu was about 600 yen? And it was delicious!!

We went around our hotel district during the evening and we found a bookstore opened 24/24 and found so many manga and magazines! I walked for hours and hours this day but it was totally worth it!

lunedì 23 marzo 2015

Review: Beuberry Vivid Green

Today I'll show you a new review about a pair of circle lenses from Uniqso which become one of my favorites in my collection! It's the Beuberry Vivid green, I already tried a pair from this brand so I was sure the quality would have been great and I was searching a new pair of green lenses for my Saber cosplay and this one is perfect!

I got my lenses in a few days as always! And don't forget to follow Uniqso and share your pics with your circle lenses on instagram too 'cause you'll have the great chance to win free pairs of circle lenses!"

Base Curve     8.6mm
Color Tones     2 Tones
Diameter     16mm
Replacement Period     12 months
Water Content     55%

The lenses have a big diameter that makes your eyes super big and dolly, the color is so bright and vivid, I'm totally in love with it! It's really hard to find cool pair of green circle lenses that cover really well brown eyes but this pair is perfect and it fits greatly my dark eyes. They're super comfy, I wore them for a lot of hours without problems. I think it's the perfect pair both for cosplay and j-fashion outfits because the design is really simple and it's perfect for a lot of occasions. They come with prescription as well and there are a lot of colors to choose!

Color ★★★★ amazing and vivid green color that fits perfectly every eye color!
Design ★★★★great design
Enlargement ★★★ big enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ very comfy!
- lovely design and vivid color
- perfect both for cosplay and j-fashion coords
- really comfy
-big enlargment effect!
- nothing!

As always don't forget you can use the code "vanilla" to get a 10% discount on your Uniqso order :D!

venerdì 20 marzo 2015

Chain Boquet

Jsk Aatp - Cardigan Jsk London - Tights Calzedonia - Shoes Vivienne Westwood

In Tokyo I got some new gorgeous lolita dresses and I was so happy to finally have the occasion to wear one of them! I took these pics in a local sanctuary wich I totally love, I think it's the perfect location for lolita coords, especially classic and gothic ones. I love the strange shape of this dress, it's the Chain Boquet from Aatp and it has a lovely asymmetric form, it's really hard to see lolita clothes like this so I was really surprised and happy to get it! The print is full of gold details so I decided to pair it with my favorite gold shoes from Vivienne Westwood and a simple ivory cardigan, I wish I had more hair accessories, I really need to find some new and big ones! I really hope you like it 'cause I missed a lot wearing lolita clothes, even if I don't consider myself a lolita anymore but the princess-feeling is something I'll always love!

martedì 17 marzo 2015


Hat h&m - Necklace Rock 'n rose - Sweater Fig&Viper - Skirt Evris - Tights Tally Wejil - Boots Windsor Smith - Clutch Sunshine City - Bracelets Romwe & Lookbookstore

This is one of the outfits I wore the most when I was in Tokyo, I really like the neo gal brands like Fig&Viper and Evris 'cause their items look cozy but still cool and pretty and you can coordinate them with almost everything! Even with such a neo-gal feeling in my look, I always look like "me" ahahah. I tried to make the coord less boring (because you know this kind of "long" skirt can look like a grandmother's skirt) added tons of gold accessories, I noticed I have quite a good collection now and it makes me feel I need to add more silver accessories to my jewellery case ahah! The bag is a fabulous and cheap find in the big mall Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, it's really well done and gorgeous and it costed me less than 20 euro!

domenica 15 marzo 2015

Review: Dolly Eye Violet

Hi dears! I recently got a parcel with some pair of circle lenses from my favorite shop Uniqso, this time I chose a pair I saw so many times on cosplay pages, the famous  Dolly Eye Violet! I always wanted to try a super covering pair and this one looks perfect for what I needed! Of course there are tons of colors available for this model so check them :D!

As always I got the parcel with the fast DHL shipping in around 4-5 days :D amazing! And look how cute the case is with these ribbons over it! Don't forget to follow Uniqso on Instagram to join a lot of amazing chance to get free circle lenses! Read more HERE!

The color is a super bright violet that pops up even with the natural daily light and covers so well my natural brown eyes, the coverage is so high it will cover all eyes colors without problems, for this reason it's the perfect pair for cosplayers! The only bad thing about them is the "hole" for your pupil is a bit tiny in respect to other circle lenses I tried so sometimes you see purple if your lenses accindetally move on your eyes, maybe it can look a bit creepy but in real life they look absolutely perfect! The water content is not really high so they started to dry a bit after some hours, but nothing you can't fix with your usual eyedrops! The diameter is tiny but I think it's the perfect one for cosplay :D and of course they come with prescription as well!

As you can see in the pics the lenses are so cute and the color super bright! The final effect is perfect for cosplay, so if you're searching for great violet lenses with a full coverage color this pair is perfect for you!

Color ★★★★ great and covering violet shade that fits perfectly every eyes color!
Design ★★★★☆ simple and cute design
Enlargement ★★★ natural enlargement effect
Comfort ★★★★ very comfy
- great design and color
- perfect for cosplay
- really comfy
- not apt for a daily look

As always don't forget you can use the code "vanilla" to get a 10% discount on your Uniqso order :D!

giovedì 12 marzo 2015

Black on black

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 /

Some cool items I found in the well known website Choices lately! Do you like this kind of inspirations/wishlists post? I think this list has everything I love in fashion: leather, platform boots, studs, black over black and sheer fabrics, too many amazing things all together in one website ahahah! You can easily click on the links above to check every single item! A lot of people always ask me in every social media account where they can find cool items for resonable prices so I really hope you'll like this kind of post, of course I'm really happy to please you all, so if you have any idea of what kind of post do you like to see just let me know!

mercoledì 11 marzo 2015

Day 6: Asakusa + 109 mall

Finally a new post about my Tokyo travel! The 6th day we went for the usual Asakusa tap, to visit the temple and buy some souvenirs for our family. The weather was really terrible so we went back to the hotel after lunch, but luckily our metro line was perfect to check the 109 from the entrance inside the metro so during the afternoon we check some stores without rain 8D!

The food was really yummy and cute I wanted to buy and eat everything ahahah and I also found so many lovely gifts for my family, it's the perfect place to shop for souvenirs!

Asakusa is such a lovely district, I really like it! The temples are amazing and everything looks so traditional. If you visit Tokyo you totally need to check it!

Delicious Takoyaky for lunch *u*

As I said before we went to 109 for some shopping 'cause the weather was still rainy and cold, I really like that you can enter a lot of different malls from the metro line 8D

Miauler Mew is such a cute shop with tons of pastel items and the prices are really resonable, it's not my style but if you like pastel clothes you totally need to check it!

Liz Lisa store is always really cute! Another shop which isn't totally my style, but I found some cool items I can easily coordinate with my lolita outfits!

Kokokim is one of the newest shop inside the 109 and I really like this style! Unfortunetely a lot of items have a shitty quality and I didn't expect it D: for this reason I didn't buy anything, especially because the prices are quite expensive!

Ma*rs store is always really fashionable! I wanted to buy something from it but I always feel really uncomfortable with such sexy clothes ahah!

Yummy dinner I bought at the conbini! I love that you can buy delicious food everywhere in Tokyo and everything is so cheap T_T wish we had such great and cheap food in Italy too!