mercoledì 31 luglio 2013

Sushiko + New hair color

A new daily post after long time, I didn’t go out a lot in this period, especially for the hot weather and my studies but I tried twice a new restaurant called Sushiko in a nearby city, it proposes a large amount of different sushi (with the roll!) and some plates from Japanese cuisine like tempura and other things! The pictures of the food were from the first time I went there, the video from the second time (and maybe it’s good I didn’t make a lot of pictures ‘cause I ate the double than the previous time, lol), the same day I also went to the hair dresser to correct an ugly color and now I have beautiful blue hair *u* but let’s start with the pictures.

 photo IMG_1912-1.jpg

 photo IMG_1913.jpg

 photo a.jpg

It has been a while since my last post full of food pictures XD did you miss them? Everything was super delicious and I can’t wait to come back there! Now I’m rolling over the floor XD.

The local is really beautiful and tidy and you can eat all you want for only 15,90 euro *u* also fruits and sweets! It’s a really reasonable price in my opinion, especially if you eat a lot….like me XD. After the dinner we went to a bar in my town for something to drink, unfortunately our favorite bar was closed so we went to the most nearby.

 photo IMG_1993.jpg

The previous day I tried to make my hair lilac but something went wrong and the color was an ugly mix between blonde, lilac and grey and also my tips were still blonde…so I went to the hair dresser to make a new semi permanent color, it was realy hard choosing between a large amount of colors but I found a lovely blue shade and I decided to go for it also if I totally didn’t know how it would suit me. The final result was a lovely gradient effect from a mint/electric blue to the tips *_* what do you think about it?

 photo IMG_1986.jpg

I can keep this hair color only for the summer then I need to come back my usual blonde in September/October for my exams, you know the university isn’t something where you can easily express yourself without prejudices (from professors obviously),  but surely after this session I will color them again *_*

 photo IMG_1934.jpg

 photo IMG_1937.jpg

Headband Spinns – Choker Ghost of Harlem – Belt Glavil – Dress Fernopaa – Boots Glad News

This is my last outfit, I washed the hair once and lost some color only in the bangs yay! There are 40° degrees in this moment in Italy, I only want to die ahah. I also made two new orders from Japan and bought some items from my wishlist, I really hope to receive them soon, I can’t wait!

venerdì 26 luglio 2013

Wishlist Autumn

It’s time to make a new wish list for the autumn! After this months in which I didn’t know what to wear, which style suits me the best and so much confusion about myself I finally understood which direction I would like to chose, a lot of people always said me I looked good in everything but I’m a bit tired of it because I know I haven’t a very personal style like many other girls (which I love and I admire). Obviously I will not stop to dress up in so many styles as you always see me, but I decided to focus most of my buys to some specific brands and items. Oh well, I talked a bit too much complaining about myself XD I hope I didn't annoy you! This are the next items I will love to buy:

White Clothes

My closet is full of black, black….oh again black! And some scorch of red, purple and grey XD so I would like to expand to white which is always one of my favorite colors. All items are from Glavil, you know I LOVE this brand, it’s my favorite gyaru one, but I will not coordinate them only in classic gyaru standards XD I’m tired of all the rules in every style, maybe a really personal style can be real only without a classification.

 photo 2-22.jpg
This is my favorite accessory / jewel , I have it already in black and red but I would like to buy it too in white and in sheer plastic (pictures from Creepyyeah)

 photo 4-9.jpg
With so many white clothes I surely need a white cap :P I fell in love with the ghost of harlem one (right picture) but it’s now sold out in this color and I didn’t find it anywhere, so I think I will opted for the classic one from Boy London.

Boy London x Long clothing
 photo 3-12.jpg
For last I would like to get one or two new t-shirts from the collaboration between Boy London and Long Clothing, I really like these designs a lot more than the plain original “boy” who everyone has XD.
That’s all for my wish list, I really hope to realize all! Do you have some favorite items in this moment?

lunedì 22 luglio 2013

How to create a rokku gyaru outfit offbrand - summer version

One of the most frequented questions in the gaijin gyaru community is how to create a gyaru coordinate without Japanese brands clothing, in this post I tried to suggest a coordinate totally offbrand I really like also if I’m a big brand fan. I love to buy brand things because the material, the details and the models are always more special and good than the ones you can find in our local stores but sometimes it’s possible to find a good alternative especially for someone who cannot order online or haven’t enough money to afford brand items. My outfit is a simple rokku coordinate, don’t forget that rokku gyaru isn’t “wear a skull t-shirt and a cross necklace” like a lot of people thinks, all the elements in my opinion must feel rokku even without a full coordinate and the accessories are REALLY important. Let’s start!

 photo IMG_1875.jpg

 photo IMG_1880.jpg

The shirt was a lucky and cheap find at Tally Weijil (a lot of European countries have this store), the print is really similar to some models from Glad News which make instantly the t-shirt perfect for rokku gyaru. The little chains with brooches makes it more special! The choker is a simple one I bought like 8 years ago from a UK website for around 7 euro, you can find this kind of choker almost everywhere and on ebay for cheap and the necklace is now in Bershka stores for 8 euro! The sandals were on sale for 50% on ebay from an Italian brand, so I paid them only 25 euro including shipping for good quality sandals, a really lucky find! If you search on ebay you can find a lot of good offers or during the sales maybe you can find something similar. The spikes and the chains are an always trend in rokku gyaru!

 photo IMG_1887-1.jpg

The shorts were also from the last Tally Weijil collection, they’re a gift in my case but the price is really affordable in line with other shorts prices from different cheap stores like h&m, forever21, terranova, etc. The crosses print is perfect for rokku gyaru and you can also use them for many other styles!

 photo IMG_1888.jpg

The spiked headband was an offer in Spinns when I was in Tokyo,  I paid it around 7 euro, you can find something similar everywhere and on ebay for a super cheap price and in different colors! Spiked bracelets are always perfect with rokku, mine is super old and it was a gift, I think the original price is around 5 euro! The ring was a super cheap purchase from Taobao, I paid it like 0,50 euro XD.

So the final price for a complete outfit is: 13 euro (t-shirt) + 25 euro (shorts) + 7 euro (headband) + 7 euro (choker) + 5 euro (bracelet) + 8 euro (necklace) + 25 euro (sandals)+ 0,50 euro (ring) = 83,50 euro!

With this price you can make a completed outfit for rokku gyaru FULL of accessories! This is obiviously my opinion and my taste but I think it’s possible for everyone to create a complete outfit without spending a capital :P let me know what do you think about this post, if you like it I will make also a winter one in the next months!

venerdì 19 luglio 2013

New Giveaway!

 photo IMG_1773.jpg

For the second anniversary of my blog I decided to organize a new lovely giveaway for you dear readers! I’m really happy you follow my blog, when I organized my first blog giveaway I had less than 200 follower and now the number is doubled, it’s amazing! I can’t thank you enough! The giveaway is open worldwide but I can't ship internationally with tracking (the shipping is really expensive), but I never got problems so far! I hope everything will be all right ;D! 

The prize will be a brand new pastel galaxy mini skirt!

The only mandatory thing is to be a public follower on blog spot :D!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I had some problems with the previous Rafflecopter giveaway because I noticed a lot of people didn’t understand how to share the exact links from Fb, twitter, etc… so I'll post an example of how you can take the right link to add in the table!

FB link (don’t give me your home link, you only need to click over the hour and then copy the URL!),  don’t forget to set up the link public visible if you have a only-friend account!


The same things is for Twitter (click on the hour -> copy the URL link)

 photo teitt.jpg

For tumblr you only need to reblog my own post and put the link in the table!

Every day you can share the giveaway on Facebook and Twitter so you’ll have a lot of new chances to win!

You don’t need to comment here, Rafflecopter will take the lucky winner from the ones who compiled the table :)! Let me know if you don’t understand something and good luck to everyone!

martedì 16 luglio 2013

Doki Doki BIT

Sunday my friends and me attended a cool event in San Benedetto about Japanese fashions and music, we organized a little fashion walk with different Japanese fashions and we explained to people the main features of them. The light was really bad with so many neon lights and also it was hard for my boyfriend to make pictures with so many people, but I hope you like them anyway! Firstly I show you my pastel goth outfit:

 photo ootd-1.jpg

Headband Lockshop – Choker Ghost of Harlem – Necklace Kreepsville – T-shirt Pimkie – Skirt Listen Flavor – Boots Glad News

After a whole night with this shoes I understood they are the most comfy high shoes in the world, I think I will sell my organs for Glad News shoes eheh.

 photo page-9.jpg

I made a collage of some pictures because I don’t want to make this post super heavy ahah
We also had the chance to organize a little market and sell some of our things, as I thought I sold only one thing, but it’s better than nothing ahahah.

 photo stand.jpg

Then there was the exhibition of Ryo Fujimoto, a Japanese dj, I don’t like this kind of music (you know I’m a big fan of metal/depressive/gothic) but I didn’t dislike his music, it was really special and he was also very kind! We also asked him a picture:

 photo IMG_1868.jpg

Unluckily I haven’t a picture with all the people who joined our little fashion parade because one girl went home really early.

 photo IMG_1872.jpg

I was really tired after this event but it was fun! I always hope there will be more Japanese themed events in our region (or Italy in general), I hope you enjoy this post and for the last a little Vine video about the evening and a little scorch of our stands!