martedì 28 agosto 2012

Hair update

Lots of you know that I had black hair for 5 years (my natural hair are dark blonde eheh), it’s since February that I tried to change my hair color in something more light and it was like an odyssey! I went to two different hairdressers, bleached them 3 times and my hair became….medium brown with a strange reddish highlight =_= and with the dark light they seemed black! As you know in these months I didn’t post pictures with my real hair for this reason, I felt really weird with my hair but luckly the past week I gave the last chance to my usual hairdresser and finally my hair are light!


After the hairdresser, with the sunset light they seemed really red!


After one wash, they lost a little of color

The color is strange and I really like it, it’s a mix between blonde, red and light brown! I’ll toning them the next week because my tips are a bit too darker then the root so my hair will become a bit more “dark” and maybe less reddish! The next step (when I’ll have some extra money XD) will be buying extension and do the gradient color!


The outfit is really really simple, with 36° I always wear like this but now finally the summer is near the end, I’m so happy I’ll finally wear my autumn clothes soon *___*

lunedì 20 agosto 2012

Review: Pink Brush Essentials Sets

It has been a long time since my last make up-related review! This time I would like to share my make up brushes set from Royal & Langnickel, it’s an American brushes brand (they also sell brushes for art, not only for make up!), there are also a lot of different section so you can choose the best solution for you!

My set is from the pink brushes essential, the Pink Synthetic 13pc Set Wrap (you can also choose the same set with natural filaments ), it comes in a pink 13 pockets vinyl wrap and inlcudes: Powder, Blush, Sponge, LG Eye Shader, Finishing Fan, MD Eye Shader, Smudger, Lash, Angled Brow, Detail Liner, Brow/Lash Comb, Concealer, Foundation. With a bit less of 50$ you have a complete set! Let’s talk about the quality: all the brushes are really soft, it’s a pleasure to use them! I washed them several times and they didn’t lose filaments or color! I absolutely recommend them!


The closed set looks like a lovely dark pink pochette! It’s really convenient to save space and to take it with you everywhere!

Face Brushes


From the left: powder, foundation, blush, concelear and finishing fan

Eyes Brushes


From the left: smudger, detail liner, sponge, MD Eye Shader, LG Eye Shader, angled brow, lash brush and brow/lash comb


As you can see in my picture the powder brush is really big! I love it ‘cause I can cover all the face in a little time without difficulty, all the brushes are in my opinion the best size for everything! (sorry for my tired face, I woke up early to make blood examination, I felt like a zombie ahah)

Price: 49,99 + shipping

Pro: size, quality, price, esthetics

Con: you need to buy them online if you are outside USA

For mineral make up I use a different set from Elf, if someone is interested I’ll surely make a review of it :D!

lunedì 13 agosto 2012

White night in Ortona


Saturday night I went out with my dear friends in Ortona (Chiara’s town), ‘cause there was a big summer event with lot of stands, little concerts, dance floor and many other things! We decided to dress up ‘cause it has been a long time since our last lolita “meetup”, the weather was really windy luckily! We received a lot of cute words from people, it was really nice! Obviously there were also very rude people, but it was funny ‘cause there were a lot of them that wanted to accost Grazia ahah


Group picture at Chiara’s home ( well, I have the perfect Italian skin tone 8D very tanned)


Inside the fortress! It was really beautiful, it’s a nice location for lolita shooting!

We walked and talked a lot, I’m always really happy when I can spend my time with them! It was also a good chance to see Ortona for the first time, it’s really beautiful, I didn’t expec that!


Jsk, bag Angelic Pretty – Blouse Bodyline – Shoes Antaina

And lastly my outfit for the night, I tried a different hair style, the pony tails aren’t for this wig ( the original wig is the brown one with curls) but the color match is perfect so I decided to try them with the bob wig ‘cause I couldn’t tolerate the hot weather with so many hair ahah

mercoledì 8 agosto 2012

Summer Haul

It’s time to make a new haul post! With my Japan travel confirmed I’m pretty sure I won’t buy anything until then, so these things are all for my summer :)! Let’s start with the “old” purchases from June to August:
I made a “little” order with some new things for summer, this year was maybe the hottest I remember in my life so I left lolita with a lot of sadness…but I didn’t give up to dress with girly dresses so I made some targeted purchases :
Liz lisa pink floral dress , leopard frilly skirt, new leggings, ripped black jeans, sentimental circus headphones and a new set of bangs + half wig in medium brown. Sorry if the picture is a bit too dark! I wore everything in this period except for the black jeans ‘cause it’s too warm for summer time. It’s hilarious I can't find a pair of ripped jeans that suit me well here in Italy, but the pair I bought online is just perfect!
With the summer sales I also bought something in local stores, I was really disappointed ‘cause I a lot of things I wanted saw in the previous days but when the sales started everything disappeared…
Two skulls t-shirt from Bershka ( I love this trend! ), asymmetric black skirt from Terranova (another really wanted purchase, and the price was really cheap!), cute camel belt from Jennyfer, I needed for my liz lisa dresses and a hat from the new h&m collection (my old one was a bit too used and I needed to replace it).
Spiked Lita shoes from Jeffrey Campbell (my dream shoes, you saw them some previous posts, thanks again to my dear boyfriend) and a cute and simple pair of camel sandals with gold spikes, finding them was like an Odissey maybe this year camel is not a trend color so it was really difficult to find something, some months ago I saw a cute pair in a mall but I didn’t buy them ‘cause they were a little too expensive, I came back with the sales and they disappeared buuuu but luckily I find this cute pair in a local store in my town for a good price, yay!
For makeup I kept my promise, I bought only a mineral foundation from Bare Minerals ‘cause I really needed it, my skin became shit with summer time so I needed something to cover all the imperfection without loading the skin and it was the perfect solution! It was a good chance to finally use my mineral brushes that I bought some years ago and never used ahah. The Maxfactor lipstick was a nice present, I love this kind of sheer lipstick ‘cause they’re very moisturizing!
I also bought from the English brand Missguided for the first time, they sell a lot of different cute things perfect with the actual trends. I chose a blackxwhite striped dress (but it was too large so I carried it to my seamstress) and a pair of black leggings with white crosses, I really recommend them ‘cause they’re really soft and comfy (but maybe the print is a bit too delicate, I think they need hand wash). The package arrived in 8 days with standard European shipping!
Lastly I received this really big present from my mother, I-phone 4 s in black *___*! I also bought a cute hello kitty case for it, but I hope the new cases I ordered arrive soon, I would like to coordinate it with my outfits ahah

sabato 4 agosto 2012

All together


Tuesday I went out for dinner with my dear friends Chiara, Grazia and Chiara! I finally saw Chiara again after long time, she came home for the summer holidays but now she is in Japan ahah, lucky girl! So it was the chance to go out for dinner all together before she left Italy. We went to one of my favorite restaurants and we ordered a big amount of “arrosticini”, it’s an italian food like skewers but made with sheep meat and you can find the originals only in my region :) (‘cause in other regions they make them with other kind of meat).

My outfit for the evening:



Top Pimkie – Skirt Terranova – Shoes Jeffrey Campbell – Necklace Monomania – Skeleton hands Kreepsville666

I received a lot of bad words for my hair (it’s a wig but obviously people didn’t recognize it) and for my shoes. Dear Italians, it’s time to have a personality, lol. I don’t know how a pair of spike boots are so strange instead the actual Italian trend of fluo colors (I think it’s a shitty fashion, but I don't go to people saying how their coordinates are ugly, it’s always the same bad story of Italian rudeness).

Some istagram food:


The first one is my dinner in the same restaurant from some days ago – mixed Bruschette – first round of Arrosticini

It’s all for now, I hope to make an haul post in the next days, it’s since May I didn’t share what I bought ahah.